Financial Counselling Services and Assistance

Our team of skilled and experienced counsellors specialise in reviewing and analysing financial information, and will work with you to understand your current financial situation, identify options and create a plan for the future.

We can help with:

  • Identifying and understanding your financial position

    We can help you to understand your current financial situation and work with you to identify your financial and business capacity and opportunities to make changes to your business.

  • Cash flow, budgeting and forecasting

    We can help you to develop cash flows, forecasts and budgets so you can develop a plan for your business and make informed business management decisions.

  • Reviewing loans

    Our experienced counsellors can assist you to review your loans and financial commitments, explore financing options and support you to negotiate with banks and creditors.

  • Refinancing debt

    Refinancing can be difficult. Our counsellors are experienced at working through loan and refinancing options with banks, we understand what information lending institutions require and what they expect from farmers and small businesses when negotiating refinancing. We can assist you to understand your financial capacity to service loans and prepare a business case to take to the bank.

  • Farm debt mediation

    Our counsellors can support you through the difficult process of farm debt mediation. Please contact us as soon as you get notice of the impending farm debt mediation. This will enable us to help you to prepare your case and be well informed for the processes. We can attend the farm debt mediation, support you on the day and assist you to action the outcomes.

  • Accessing government assistance

    Our counsellors have up to date information about current government assistance programs including concessional loans, grants and income support. They understand the eligibility criteria, application process and requirements. They can work with you to test your eligibility and to access funding programs and assistance measures. They can also assist with your application.

Don’t self assess - talk to our counsellors about your eligibility for assistance.

Call 1300 834 775 to find out what assistance we may be able to provide you, or make an appointment with one of our experienced Rural Financial Counsellors.

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