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Regional Round-up is a monthly newsletter providing an overview into the environmental and business conditions affecting farmers and rural businesses in the Goulburn Valley and North East Victoria.

Weather Conditions

North East regional rainfall is tracking in line with traditional averages. Winter conditions in the west of the service area have been drier than usual, with enough moisture to continue good pasture growth without the bogging and pugging of soils.


The dairy farming community are busy as calving ramps up, long days and tiredness becoming an issue, along with COVID-19 isolation, mental fatigue and mental health monitoring becoming important. With lush pasture in the paddocks, spring calving herds will be kicking the season off well. There are some good opportunities to buy hay from last season at very reasonable prices. With straw at $50/t, this will provide a cheap source of fibre for farmers to utilise to keep their fat test up and help deal with the issues of lush green feed. With continued annual reviews by financiers and dairy stock prices booming, it is promising for farmers accessing other enterprises, scaling up or exiting from the industry. Recently Jersey/cross-bred cows averaged over $2000/hd; and five month heifers brought minimim $1000/hd.


Some areas in the west of our region are showing signs of moisture stress. Canola crops are starting to flower earlier than usual due to moisture stress. Further to the east, most crops are looking good with farmers still actively spraying for weeds and applying urea. At the end of July, further rain is needed in most districts to replenish soil moisture and finish crops. In summary, crop growing conditions are very favourable and yields promising.


Cattle prices remain extremely good. Sheep and lamb prices have softened a little with reports out of Bendigo that demand is patchy with several processors still not active in the market due to COVID-19. Cattle traders are benefiting as they buy in bulk and don’t have the issue of farmers buying a few from each pen. There are reports of livestock farmers having difficulty sourcing cattle and sheep to fatten, at prices that allow for future profitability prospects.


Rural Financial Counsellors continue to see Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) loan activity amongst orchardist.  




July 2019

July 2020 







Temporary water trade (last 7 days)

Goulburn 1A up            $250/ML

Murray Zone 7 up          $355/ML

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