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Regional Round-up is a monthly newsletter providing an overview into the environmental and business conditions affecting farmers and rural businesses in the Goulburn Valley and North East Victoria.

Overall, May was a month that brought some good rainfall. Prices for livestock continued their trends from April and some crops emerged. Hay and fodder prices continued to escalate while supply continuesd to decrease. Milk processors announced some encouraging milk prices.


Most processors announced their opening prices. These vary from $6.60/kg MS to $7.10/kg MS with a range of incentives on offer for higher production and quality. Dairy farmers are waiting for the remaining milk buyers to announce their pricing before making any commitments to suppliers.
Autumn calving cows are milking well for those with access to good grazing pasture.


May rain has been highly beneficial with many crops germinating. Despite the rain this month, low sub soil moisture is likely to limit crop yields however.  
Some frost occurred late in the month with minimal impact.
With lower than avearge of the rainfall, pasture growth is well behind average for the greater north eastern/northern regions of Victoria.
Hay is increasing difficult to source and stocks are particularly low. As a result of this, alternative lower quality feeds are in high demand. With much of winter still to come, this is an alarming trend.
Grain pricing:
Wheat $380-390 / t
Canola meal $470-480 / t
Lucerne hay $600-700 / t


Lamb prices remained strong and continued to rise as a result of strong export demand and ongoing limited domestic supplies. Trade lambs at 31 May reached 879c/kg cwt.
The wool EMI dropped to 1,768c/kg, though premium wool prices remain strong.


Prices continued to ease in response to low demand, amid extraordinary feed prices and low feed availability. Producers continued to unload livestock with record numbers of females being sold to abattoirs. This is largely due to the extended poor seasonal conditions.


Temporary water is trading at $550 - $570 per ML.

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