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Regional Round-up is a monthly newsletter providing an overview into the environmental and business conditions affecting farmers and rural businesses in the Goulburn Valley and North East Victoria.

Amid some positive signals around milk pricing this is not sufficient to inspire confidence in the market. Fodder and water prices are expected to remain at current levels until spring when availability is likely to increase.
Some areas in the upper catchment areas and surrounding valleys has seen limited rainfall however, this was enough to improve pastures in well-managed areas. Even so, this was inadequate for autumn sowing.
Goulburn Valley locations remain extremely dry with many areas receiving no rainfall at all. Cattle continues to be shed in unprecedented numbers in response to dry conditions.

Dry sowing is underway in many regions despite a poor outlook and only slight rainfalls, however, optimism around autumn rain remains.

Lamb prices strong for the start of 2019 averaging 657/kg cwt. Prices have slipped for lighter lambs due to feed prices.

China’s suspension of South African wool has lifted Australian prices, 2016 c/kg in early March and price is expected to stay strong whilst supply is limited.

Demand for chopper cattle is strong with prices lifting. 60cents at Barnawartha. Solid cattle reached $3kg late March mainly in response to a new buyer entering the market.

The ECYI dropped to 4.34/kg cwt which is the lowest in four years. There has been downward pressure in cattle prices due to low demand in drought affected areas. This trend is likely to continue.

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